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Preserving Dry Herbs: 

Pop Top Containers Maintaining the freshness of your dry herbs is crucial. To achieve this, store them in a cool, dark, dry location, away from light, moisture, and molds. Convenience is also key, allowing easy transport, processing, and consumption. Enter pop top vials.

At dispensaries, you receive mylar bags or pop top bottles containing your dry herbs. Pop top containers are designed to be child-resistant and often smell-proof.

Exploring Pop Top Containers 

Child-resistant pop top bottles are sized for convenience and comply with state packaging laws. Available in various sizes measured in drams, they provide a reliable means to preserve your dry herbs. While child-resistant, adults can open and close them with ease.

These plastic vials come in colors like blue, red, black, white, and gold, offering affordability and safety. They adhere to required standards, using FDA-approved materials to prevent dryness and ensure health safety.

Ease of Use 

Opening a pop top bottle is simple: squeeze the ribbed sides below the cap simultaneously to pop it open. Load or remove herbs, then push the hinged lid down for a secure seal.

Advantages of Pop Top Containers 

Opting for pop top containers over baggie packaging offers numerous benefits:

  • Transport Convenience: 
  • Ideal for on-the-go herb enthusiasts, pop top bottles safeguard your herbs from being crushed and prevent odors.
  • Airtight Sealing: 
  • These containers minimize air exposure, preserving the flavor, therapeutic benefits, and freshness of your herbs.
  • User-Friendly: 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry, pop top vials are perfect for storing your products.
  • Odor Control: 
  • Properly sealed pop tops prevent unwanted odors from escaping, preserving your herbs discreetly.
  • Child-Resistant: 
  • Ensuring responsible herb use, pop top containers are child-resistant, keeping your stash safe from curious hands.

Securing Your Rolled Smoke with Clix2Buy 

Rolling paper or wraps can easily tear or break, especially once rolled up. To prevent mishaps, consider Pre-Roll packaging solutions like doob tubes and joint holder containers.

What are Pre-Roll Tubes? 

Pre-roll tubes are compact containers designed to snugly accommodate joints or blunts. Simply slide your roll inside and seal the top. These portable jars, usually crafted from poly-carbonate plastic, are a practical way to keep your pre-roll safe and intact.



Safeguard your joint from breakage, accidental drops, or unintentional pressure.


Prevent dryness in your wrap and herbs, ensuring a smoother smoke.


Perfect for those on the move, pre-roll containers conveniently fit in your pocket.

Odor Control: 

These tubes are also smell-proof, containing the aroma until you're ready to enjoy.

Upgrade your smoking experience with Clix2Buy's pre-roll packaging, combining safety, freshness, and convenience.