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Featured Product

Dab Tools & Accessories Wholesale Distributor Online Store - Clix2Buy

Welcome to Clix2Buy, your premier source for top-quality dab tools and accessories at wholesale prices. We are your trusted online wholesale distributor, offering a wide range of dabbing essentials including bangers, dabbers, enails, and more. Our selection of quartz, glass, and titanium dab tools is available in large quantities to cater to your wholesale needs. Say goodbye to the old ways of smoking – explore the world of concentrates with our innovative dabbing accessories.

Revolutionizing Dabbing with Premium Tools

In today's world, the art of smoking has transformed into a precise science. Dabbing has taken the spotlight, showcasing innovations in efficiency and effectiveness. The days of simple smoking are long behind us, replaced by the sophisticated experience of dabbing. To fully embrace this transformation, you need the right tools and accessories by your side.

Discover Clix2Buy, your ultimate destination for all things dabbing. Our curated collection of dab tools and accessories is designed to elevate your dabbing game to new heights.

Premium Dab Tools and Accessories for Wax Enthusiasts

Clix2Buy stands as a prominent online wholesale supplier of dab tools and accessories. Based in California, USA, we offer an extensive array of dabbing instruments including dab bangers, dabbers, eNails, carb caps, and more. Whether you're seeking glass, quartz, or titanium dab tools, you'll find them all in one convenient place. Looking for affordable bangers, nails, dabbers, or other dab accessories? Your search ends here. Clix2Buy proudly holds the title of the largest online wholesale firm in the United States, providing bulk quantities of Dab Tools and Dab Accessories.

Explore Our Wide Range of Dab Tool Accessories

Our inventory includes a diverse selection of dab tool accessories, ranging from quartz banger nails of various thicknesses to unique offerings like dual-track titanium nails. Whether you're in search of stainless steel dabbers, glass domes, or specialized tools like the crystal thermal glow 90° banger, Clix2Buy has you covered. Our Los Angeles, California-based wholesale shop houses an extensive stock of dab tools for wax, rigs, eNails, and various accessories. With our wholesale distribution services, you can easily place orders for bulk quantities of top-notch dab tools and accessories.

Unveiling the Importance of Dab Tools

Dabbing presents an exciting world of possibilities, and to embark on this journey, having the right dab tools and accessories is crucial. These tools not only enhance your experience but also enable you to delve into high-end dabbing with confidence. Familiarize yourself with the different materials used in dab tools to select the perfect gear for your preferences.

Understanding Dab Tool Materials: Glass, Titanium, and Quartz


- While historically popular, glass is not ideal for dabbing due to its fragility when exposed to high temperatures. It lacks the durability and performance required for the dabbing process.


- Recognized for its durability, titanium is a reliable choice. It boasts excellent heat retention and can withstand high temperatures, making it a suitable material for dab tools.


- Balancing price and performance, quartz nails are a preferred choice. They heat up quickly, deliver excellent flavor, and offer durability without the fragility associated with glass.

Discover the Right Tools for Dabbing


Versatile and accessible, bangers are available in durable quartz or glass. Choose the appropriate joint connection based on your water pipe rig.


Titanium and ceramic nails provide durability and better heat retention. Each has unique features, catering to different preferences.


An essential tool for concentrate enthusiasts, dabbers make transferring concentrates seamless. Materials like quartz and titanium are popular choices for enhanced flavor and durability.

Nectar Collectors  

These portable gadgets are perfect for on-the-go dabbing. A compact version of a traditional dab rig, nectar collectors offer convenience and ease of use.


Revolutionize your dabbing experience with e-Nails, offering consistent temperature control. While convenient, consider factors like reliability and battery life.

Carb Caps  

Enhance flavor and temperature control with carb caps, which restrict airflow for better hits. Discover improved taste and heat retention with this essential accessory.

Join Clix2Buy for a Superior Dabbing Experience

Embrace the world of dabbing with Clix2Buy, your partner in top-quality dab tools and accessories. From dabbers and bangers to carb caps and nectar collectors, our extensive selection has something for every enthusiast. Elevate your dabbing sessions with premium tools that enhance flavor, convenience, and overall satisfaction.

Your Trusted Wholesaler and Retailer in California - Clix2Buy