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Elevate Your Smoke Shop with Clix2Buy's Premium Enail Dab Rig Kit and Accessories at Wholesale Prices in the USA

Are you looking to provide your customers with the finest dabbing tools and accessories? Look no further than Clix2Buy, your trusted wholesale distributor for all things dabbing supplies in the USA. Dabbing is a popular way to consume cannabis concentrates, and E-nails are a convenient and efficient way to heat your dab nail or quartz banger. We offer a wide range of high-quality products at wholesale prices, including E-nail kits, portable E-nail dab rigs, quartz bangers, Ceramic Huni Badger, and more.

Exploring the World of E-nails

Clix2Buy offers the widest selections of enail and dabbing accessories on the market. This includes everything from enail kits and portable e-rigs to quartz bangers and ceramic nails. We also have a wide variety of other dabbing accessories, such as dab tools and travel cases.

Unveiling the Enail Dab Device

An Enail, short for Electric Nail, is a revolutionary device that replaces the traditional blow torch used to heat up your dab nail or quartz banger. It's not just an upgrade; it's a game-changer in the world of dabbing. E-nails bring flavor, power, and efficiency to your dabbing sessions like never before.

Desktop vs. Portable Enails

E-nails come in two main categories: Desktop Enails and Portable Enails. Desktop E-nails are the heavyweights of the dabbing world, designed for supreme performance. On the other hand, Portable Enails, as the name suggests, offer mobility and convenience. They're battery-powered, some with integrated batteries, others with removable ones, giving you the freedom to dab on the go. What's more, induction heating technology has revolutionized the Portable Enail arena, ensuring rapid heat-up times and unmatched safety.

Quartz Banger Enails

Quartz Banger Enails introduces a range of quartz bangers into the equation. Enail heats the coil, and the heated coil, in turn, heats the Bucket Banger. This method is significantly safer than using a traditional blow torch. Say goodbye to waiting for your nail to cool down; it's ready for dabbing as soon as it reaches the desired temperature.

Ceramic Enails

If you're seeking a smooth and clean taste in your dabs, Ceramic E-nails are your best bet. These devices employ a ceramic nail or bucket, ensuring an unparalleled dabbing experience. The combination of a ceramic surface and precise temperature control, typically found in desktop Enails, guarantees optimal flavor and efficiency.

Enails vs. Electric Dab Rigs

While we're on the subject, let's clarify a common point of confusion. Enails and Electric Dab Rigs (E-rigs) are distinct products. An Enail is an adaptable electronic dab tool that you can attach to any non-electric (glass-made) dab rig, transforming it into a high-performance dabbing machine. In contrast, an e-rig is an all-in-one unit, complete with a carb cap and built-in Enail. E-rigs are known for their simplicity and portability but may offer fewer customization options.

Inner Workings of E-nails

  • Control Box: This box provides an interface for adjusting the temperature and usually includes a display screen for easy monitoring.
  • Heating Element: The heating element, often made from metallic or ceramic coils, is responsible for heating the nail to the desired temperature, ensuring optimal vaporization.
  • Power Source: Enails require a power source, which can be either a rechargeable battery (for portable Enails) or a wall socket (for desktop Enails).
  • Nail: The nail, whether ceramic, quartz, titanium, or silicon carbide, plays a crucial role in vaporization. Each material has its pros and cons, affecting flavor, heat retention, and durability.

Advantages of Using an Enail

Precise Temperature Control

E-nails excel at maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your dabbing session. Say goodbye to the hassle of estimating temperatures with each dab. This precision offers a carefree and highly customizable dabbing experience.

Enhanced Flavor

Traditional torches can scorch and compromise the flavor of your concentrates. Enails, however, heat the bowl evenly, allowing your concentrates to express their authentic flavor and aroma.

No More Torch

Bid farewell to the bulky blow torch and open flames. Enails eliminate the hassles associated with traditional torches, enhancing safety and accessibility while saving you the trouble of constantly restocking butane fuel.

Choosing the Right Enail

Nail Material

Enail inserts come in various materials, each with its advantages. Titanium boasts excellent heat retention and durability but may introduce a slight metallic taste. Ceramic coils provide superior heat distribution and preserve concentrate flavor. Quartz offers rapid heating, exceptional flavor, and even heat distribution but can be fragile. Silicon carbide combines all these qualities but is relatively scarce and pricey.

Nail Size

Not all electric nails fit every dab rig or quartz banger. You'll find nails in various sizes, ranging from 10mm to 30mm. Some Enail dab kits, like the Pulsar Elite Series Mini Enail Kit, come with universal-size nails that work with almost any rig.


Choose between portable Enails, equipped with batteries, or desktop Enails that require a wall socket connection. Your choice should align with your usage preferences and requirements.

Shop Premium Enail Dab Rig Kits & Accessories at Wholesale

If you're looking to elevate your smoke shop's offerings and provide your customers with the best Enail Dab Rig Kit, Portable E-nail dab rigs, quartz bangers, Ceramic Huni Badger, and more. in the USA, look no further than Clix2Buy. We offer a wide range of high-quality products at wholesale prices. Shop our selection today and elevate your dabbing experience!